Thursday, November 19, 2009

Japan doomsday fears premature

“Many people in the financial world - not all of them kooks - have managed to convince themselves that Japan is hurtling towards some kind of fiscal doomsday, and that no matter what the Yukio Hatoyama government does or doesn’t do, it’s already too late - Japan, they say, will be defaulting on its pension obligations. Or defaulting on its debt. Or will find itself unable to halt a string of bank failures that will bring the financial system to its knees. Or some combination thereof.” (Asia Times Online)

Lucky for us, Sir Deryck Maughan, the head of KKR’s Global Financial Institutions Group and Chairman of KKR Japan and John Paulson, President and Portfolio Manager, Paulson & Co. Inc. are coming to Japan Society next month to discuss the future of economics in Japan and the United States. So we’ll know for sure whether fire is really going to rain from the sky or not.
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