Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since I'm going to be working behind the j-lounge bar and since I can never get enough of the delicious posts at The Japanese Food Report, let's discuss drinks!

While we might not be able to serve the delectable-looking Warm Sake-Strawberry Whipped Cream Cocktail that Salat mentions, we will be providing a host of classic Japanese beers, sake, and even plum wine. Not to mention all the non-alcoholic beverages (Ramune Melon, Calpico, canned coffees, and more), which are equally tempting.

And don't worry if you get hungry! Throughout the day, a variety of scrumptious snacks and tasty treats will be available for purchase in our main foyer. Vendors from a selection of local restaurants and retailers will offer authentic tastes of Japan that run the gamut from junk-food to decidedly more esoteric cuisine.

See you on Saturday!

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