Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Diversity In East Asia: The Value Of Women And Foreign Workers

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At the just-concluded G20 Summit  in Seoul South Korea, 20 of the most powerful economic countries and unions discussed geo-economically issues. The news focused on the hot button "Currency Wars"   pushing aside other important issues deserving discussion. One of those issues important to many of the world leaders was urging global co-operation. President Obama stated, "no one country can achieve our joint objective of a strong, sustainable, and balance recovery on its own".  World leaders don't want to solely address import, exports and currency; they also want to reframe diversity in the global market.

Major European and American companies have realized that diversity in their markets and employments increase healthy competition. Within the Asian region "BBC Newshour reported that South Korea is a global success because although they honor their roots, they realized the need to diversify their workforce.

Today Japan Society and Asia Society co-host Reframing Diversity Management for a New Global Economy (taking place at Asia Society). The program is twofold, addressing gender equality as outlined by Commission on the Status of Women (sub-commission under the Commission on Human Rights, UN), and the use of using different cultures, languages and values to reforge a the global workforce.

The CSW succinctly states it goal:
to raise the status of women, irrespective of nationality, race, language or religion, to equality with men in all fields of human enterprise, and to eliminate all discrimination against women in the provisions of statutory law, in legal maxims or rules, or in interpretation of customary law
This underscores that women are one of the key agents of change in aspects of life, social, political and economical.  Reportedly there are 6 million more women than men in the world. In that standing we are a pretty affect of change, so global heavy hitters should find it invaluable to have women on the field with them.

The other fold of diversity addressed in the discussion is using the huge cache of knowledge and experience from foreign workers. In 2003 Japan Times stated “It is important for Japan to introduce talented foreign workers in the fields of management, research and technology”, and referenced the METI paper [PDF] that reinforced the notion that Japan needs to think like South Korea and make it easier for foreign workers to live and work in the country. The exchange of ideas would feed innovation and support a better collective standard of living.

Taking on these topics and offering insights, participants in the symposium include: Philip Berry, President of Philip Berry Associates, LLC and Co-Chair of the Corporate Diversity Council for the Asia Society ; Kathryn Komsa, Vice-President, Chief Diversity Officer of Marsh and,McLennan Companies, Inc ; John F. McNulty, Executive Director for People Focus Consulting and Ceo of PFC Asia Pacific; and Moderator  Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz, Managing Principal of ASPIRE Intelligence LLC.


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