Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You're Hungry And You Know It, Eat Japan

With all of the Sabu craziness this week, we almost forgot that it was Restaurant Week, when dozens of New York City's top restaurant come together to offer diners irresistible meal deals. With a nice Facebook reminder from the trusty New York Japanese Cultural Examiner, it looks like many of the Japanese restaurants taking part were included in our exhaustive breakdown of last year's fête. Here's the full list for 2011, and we advise you to grab a seat while you can. Itadakimasu!


EN Japanese Brasserie

Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant

Inakaya New York



Megu Midtown (menu)

Megu New York


Nobu New York

Nobu Next Door

SushiSamba 7

SushiSamba park

Tanuki Tavern

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black said...

hi, i enjoyed watching "Nihon New York - Episode 09 - How to make Onigiri" on youtube. i really think Kristen did a very good job. i liked the explanation of onigiri that Ryohei gave at the end of the video, i just felt like adding more because there is much more to it.
even though it is now popular to call it onigiri, it was originally called omusubi.
there are many shapes of omusubi today but traditionally it was triangle.
the word omusubi came from the name of the shinto god (or goddess) called musubi(産霊: birthing spirit),who is the god of birthing everything in universe.
the name of this god musubi was written in the book called kojiki(古事記), which was written in 7th century.
it is said that the god dwelled in omusubi so that people got energy from it. and the triangle was the best shape for god to dwell in. like the pyramids i guess. there are many triangular shaped food around the world and i think they were created for the same reason.
i am glad that japanese are still keeping the tradition.