Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Fresh Approach to Japanese Food

"I think Japan's traditional businesses are a rich heritage," says Nicolas Soergel, a French and German dual national and an eight-year Japan resident. "The problem is that no one is there to inherit them."

According to The Japan Times, Soergel is trying to revamp Chinriu Honten, a 140-year-old food business based in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, which he runs along with his wife, Takako Komine. The firm, which specializes in selling umeboshi, yuzu (citrons) and other preserved foods, was founded by Monya Komine, who back in the Edo Period served as chief chef for Odawara Castle. Soergel's wife took over the family business in March as its fifth-generation president, with him joining as managing director.

What a lucky article to find less than two weeks before j-CATION! New approaches to Japanese food will be celebrated thoroughly thanks to the many Food Vendors and the array of drinks served in the j-Lounge.

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