Monday, May 17, 2010


Since he recently appeared on the cover of New York Magazine, I think it's safe to say that David Karp is a hot topic these days. When you consider the exponentially rising popularity of tumble blogging platform Tumblr, the reason why becomes clear.

It's hard to beat Doree Shafrir's introduction to Karp as it appeared in The New York Observer back at the beginning of 2008. So I won't try:

"When the 21-year-old Internet entrepreneur David Karp was 17, he moved himself to Tokyo for five months—he prepaid the rent on his apartment because he was under 18—where he continued working as the chief technology officer of UrbanBaby, the New York-based message board and e-mail list for overprotective parents with a lot of disposable income and free time on their hands. He had been home-schooled since he was 15, after dropping out of Bronx Science, and had been taking Japanese classes at the Japan Society on 47th Street."

Yep, that's us! I'd suggest reading the rest of her article, if you get the chance, as it is an in-depth telling of Karp's fascinating history and unique trajectory. However, much like the clipping below (which comes from Page Six Magazine of The New York Post), it is just a touch outdated.

But what from 2008 isn't by now?

When Japan Society first decided to get into the blogosphere, Tumblr came immediately to mind and indeed, you can find us at as well as on Twitter. While this blog serves as a hub and Twitter is great for quick updates, our Tumblr allows us to drum up enthusiasm for Japan Society through the sharing of individual photos and quotes with other Japan lovers on a less rigidly structured platform.

Karp is actually in Japan right now and, as you can imagine, he posts frequently. You can check out his personal Tumblr at Perhaps someday you'll also be able to see him speak at Japan Society...

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