Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summertime and the Learning is Easy

Photo by Kenji Takigami
During July and August, the Corporate Program slows down and takes a well-deserved break but it's during these months that our teaching programs get jazzed up.

Our list of summer courses is extensive and covers all manner of ability levels and topics, including classes on mastering kanji and classes devoted solely to reading. What better way to escape the groggy summer heat than by sitting in a cool, air-conditioned classroom and sharpening your Japanese skills?

And we're not just offering lessons on language.

Nearly every year the Education Program invites high school students to participate in an 11-day immersion workshop on Japanese cuisine and culture, during which they examine the multifaceted history of Japanese cuisine in connection with health and wellness. And on the last day of the program, families and friends are invited to a Japanese-style reception where Japanese dishes and tea are served, including those prepared by chefs and participating students.

This is a great confidence booster for any high school student. For example, Josephine Ledda (grade 12) participated in the workshop in the summer of 2008 and remarked:

The great thing about the Japan Society is that they know how to approach teenagers in a way that'll encourage them to learn. When we took this cooking workshop, we weren't just learning about Japanese food, we were learning about a very important part of their culture. And who wouldn't want to learn about a country through their food?

You can find other participants' comments, photos, highlights, and activity descriptions of the program in 2008 on our website and if you're interested, don't hesitate to sign up for this summer's Japanese Cuisine 101.

And don't forget to check out the 2010 Course Catalog. I bet you'll find something whether you're just beginning, want to brush up your advanced skills, or need a quick conversation lesson.


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