Thursday, February 25, 2010

Japan and Friends: Foreign Relations

Today on East Asia Forum there was an article entitled India’s deepening relations with Japan written by guest author, Nabeel Mancheri of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The article does an excellent job of summing up the history of relations between Japan and India post-Cold War, the status of the two nations' relationship now, and what the future holds.

This is just a taste (so be sure to read the full article later):

"Until the 1990s, the relationship between India and Japan had been highly asymmetrical. The Cold War created a strategic-political void between the two countries. Economically, India was too inward-looking to be of any great interest to Japan. The post cold-war realities, however, have been forging new strategic bonds.

As a result of the flowering relationship, 2007 was declared the Indo-Japan friendship year. The number of Japanese delegations visiting India over the past few years shows that India is a significant beacon on the Japanese investment radar. India, with its growing economic strength, has adapted its foreign policy to increase its regional as well as global influence, and Japan has been elevated into an important position within India’s ‘Look East Policy.’"

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