Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toyota and the Green Car of the Future

Micheline Maynard, senior business correspondent for The New York Times, published "An Apology From Toyota’s Leader" yesterday, noting that, "In his testimony, Mr. Toyoda tried to reassure lawmakers that the company was addressing problems that led to the recalls. In addition, he said, the company was moving to repair its damaged reputation."

Back in October, Maynard held an event here to discuss how many Americans are uncomfortable about the influence foreign companies exert on our economy and to also promote her book The Selling of the American Economy, in which she argues that despite the lingering xenophobia that colors American perception of foreign-owned companies, foreign investments are actually an overwhelmingly positive force.

Plus she's going to be returning at the end of next month to moderate Green Japan Series: The Green Car of the Future, a panel with Thomas Sticker, the Corporate Manager of Energy & Environment Research Group of Toyota North America and panelists from Mercedes Benz and Ford Motors.

While they discuss what the future's green car will look and drive like on the road, it will be interesting to see what kind of an impact Toyota's current conundrum will have on their discussion.

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