Wednesday, February 3, 2010

News Blast

Japan, China urged to take further steps in joint history research

Japanese and Chinese experts have compiled and released a report on the first joint research project they conducted on history. It is regrettable that its section describing the post-World War II period and the excerpts of their discussions are being withheld at the request of Chinese experts. Nevertheless, the move by the Japan-China Joint History Research Committee should be hailed as both countries, which have a bitter legacy from World War II, confronted historical facts and compiled a report.

Toyota on the hard shoulder

Japanese public debt is 200 per cent of GDP. Its economy is poised to be overtaken by China. Japan Airlines (JAL) is bankrupt. It is tempting to see Toyota’s defective accelerator pedal as part of the same story of failing Japan. To do so makes several mistakes. The first is to view Toyota as synonymous with corporate Japan, which it is not.

Full-body scanners for nation's airports in works

The government is considering installing controversial full-body scanners at airports following a failed attack on a U.S.-bound jet in late December, sources said Tuesday. The full-body scanners, which some other countries are introducing, are designed to produce images of the human body in white and all other foreign matter in black. They are considered more effective than metal detectors in spotting items hidden beneath clothes, but critics have raised concerns about invasion of privacy.

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