Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 Websites That Feature Incredible Photos of Japan

1. Stephen Wirtz Gallery: Michael Kenna

Check out the exhibition pages for Kenna's ghostly landscapes of Hokkaido in winter. Sublime photography adds an eerie quiet to the snowscapes shot in black and white.

2. Travel Japan Blog

Looking through this site means thumbing through the photo album of a sublime photographer and his adventurous family. Photos range from his children perched in front of breathtaking cityscapes to portraits of ancient Japanese temples to shots of quirky vending machines to an elegant series on the unpainted napes of geisha's necks.

3. More glimpses of unfamiliar Japan

Consistently beautiful gems of photo series found off the beaten track in Japan that span nature, architecture, culture, history, hidden nooks, and much more.

4. Tokyo Daily Photo

An almost daily photo from Tokyo, Japan that spans the absurd to the simple, the manga to the art history.

5. Fixed in Japan

A cyclist with a spunky attitude that shines through in all his vibrant photos.

6. Photographer in Japan

A finalist in the Photoblog Awards for Best Asian/Oceanian Photoblog 2008, has a knack for catching people and scenes at the perfect moment. Every shot is infused with spectacular emotion.

7. The Mainichi Daily News Photo Journal

Excellent snapshots of Japanese life from all over the islands from day to day with an interesting blurb accompanying each shot.



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