Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Language Center: Fall Course List Now Online!

Students at last year's Shodo class. Photo by Satoru Ishikawa

Japan Society Language Center’s fall course list has just been published! You can check it out here.

This fall, there’s a variety of courses, whether you’re a beginner, or have some experience speaking and writing hiragana, katakana and kanji. An advanced class, “Japanese in Anime,” is perennially popular. Dialogue in anime is pretty stylized, so mastering it presents a fun challenge to seasoned students. There are also Shodo (Calligraphy) classes for those interested in learning the ancient art. Japan Society Members can get up to a $50 tuition discount, and discounts are also available for those who need them. Schedules for the individual are flexible as well, with a variety of different sections available for each class. They fill up quickly though, so make sure you sign up soon to ensure you get the section that works best for you.

The Language Center began in 1972, with just one class. In the following years, class selection increased, and its reputation steadily grew. Today, the Language Center is renowned for its quality of teaching and first hand access to information. Students with the Language Center also get access to the C.V. Starr Library at Japan Society. With over 14,000 volumes available, it’s a great resource for students of Japanese, or those generally interested in finding out more about Japan.

Although the best resource for learning languages is always a teacher, or native speaker, there are some cool extras online. The best online Japanese dictionary is Jisho, and Tae Kim has a great compendium of easy to understand grammar lessons. If you’re looking for flash cards, check out smart.fm. You’ll need to register, but it’s free and you can keep track of your progress.


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