Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japan-China Relations & Japan-US Relations

“For the Japanese, there is a feeling that somehow bilateral problems will be resolved because both sides agree about the importance of a good relationship for their own national interests,and that China will always seek a compromise. The Japanese believe China needs Japan for a number of reasons, be it to protect its foreign image as a peacefully developing country, to maintain its export- and FDI-dependent economy, to cope with its environmental problems, or to reduce its energy consumption. Prime Minister Hatoyama has stated that the creation of a good atmosphere and a strengthening of an East Asian community will allow the solution of even the most difficult problems. But are such views too complacent? Do they actually reduce Japan’s options in the medium and long term while China’s overall power is growing?”

[ A new start for Japan-China relations? on the East Asia Forum ]

This is a really hot topic right now. This Thursday (January 14th), we’re having former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hitoshi Tanaka shares his view of changes in Japan’s foreign policy since the DPJ came to power last fall and implications for U.S. – Japan relations now that the DPJ is shifting its attentions to its Asian neighbors.

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