Thursday, January 14, 2010

We made the Times!

"Think of baby animals with spooky, giant eyes and ghosts who talk about their bodily functions. Veith Michel’s three-paneled video features plenty of these, including beautiful line drawings by the manga illustrator Hiroki Otsuka, as well as a barrage of predictable media images.

It is an immersive, at times assaultive, world, especially when paired with a recorded text created by Mr. Wade, Mr. Gradinger and Marcos Rosales that careers from fantastical adventures in outer space to heavy-handed, childlike discussions about the government, consumerism and queer politics.

Mr. Gradinger tends to be subsumed by this environment, which sometimes morphs into an alienating television show for children, full of Andreas Harder’s abrupt lighting shifts. The most successful moments come early on, when his messy, often pedestrian movement palette unspools against the text’s Neverland of shattering space, ninja battles and princesses in need of saving.

Dressed in a loose blue T-shirt and lighter blue shorts printed with rocket ships, Mr. Gradinger seems a lost boy, grinning madly, galloping about or huddling into his body; scooting his rear end across the enclosed white stage; or flipping his hands in troubled little gestures."

[ The New York Times Dance Review ]

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